The wreckage of the Antonov An-12 cargo plane that crashed in Greece

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The crash of the Antonov An-12 cargo plane that crashed in Greece The wreckage of the crashed Antonov An-12 cargo plane is seen on Sunday (July 17, 2022) in Palaiochoro village, Kavala city, Greece.

An Antonov An-12 cargo plane with eight passengers crashed and exploded on Saturday (July 16) night local time.

The number of victims of the incident is not yet known. According to the report of the Greek state television station ERT, in addition to the eight passengers, the Antonov-12 plane was also supposed to transport a load of 12 tons of potentially dangerous cars. ERT reports that the plane, named Antonov An-12, was owned by a Ukrainian company and was traveling from Serbia to Germany. The pilot of the plane requested an emergency landing due to an engine problem.

According to the Greek civil aviation authorities, the pilot was given the option to land in Thessaloniki or Kavala airport. The pilot would later choose Kavala because of its closer distance.

However, communication with the pilot was subsequently interrupted. The plane crashed about 40 kilometers west of the airport. Residents near the area said the explosion occurred two hours after the plane crashed.

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